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Can you help Save the Furries on the WiiWare(TM), PC and iPhone, iPad platforms !? These cute green creatures keep beaming down to the planetís surface to explore new worlds Ė but they keep on just walking straight into harmís way!

Use pinballs, gum-balls, switches, ropes, crates, planks, cannons, vehicles and all sorts of things to help solve the puzzles and make sure the Furries always have a safe path on their excursions. Try not to let too many Furries be eaten by strange plants and animals, fall onto sharp spikes or accidently walk into heavy machinery!

Use the Wii Remote or your finger to pinch and swipe your way across levels were simply dragging the item you want to use to where you want it to be is easy! Ö just some of the puzzles arenít!



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